What’s in Your Social Media Policy?

Can Social Media Policies in Canada include anything an employer wants? California has recently passed laws to restrict an employer’s use of policies that are too controlling.

But what about Canada? Can employers demand the Facebook passwords of employees to check up on their whereabouts or off-duty activities? Can employers discipline an employee for comments made about a boss or co-worker in her own personal account? Should there be a balance between employee privacy and the company’s business interests?

Where are we in employment law in Canada on this issue? Has anyone experienced a clash between the law and your employer’s policy?


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Sheila Gregory

Sheila is a professional business writer with a background in marketing and corporate communications. She is available for freelance assignments in business writing, blogging, content marketing, social media strategy, editing and proofreading. Please contact her by email to discuss your next project: promotion.notions2@gmail.com

One thought on “What’s in Your Social Media Policy?”

  1. Great post, Sheila. That is a very fine line – while employers have the right to ensure that their confidentiality agreements are not being broken, and that their management and products are not being targeted by demeaning messages, employees shouldn’t have to resort to a Facebook alias or sterilize their account. Common sense dictates that both parties play nice – no racial, offensive, or abusive company related posts on the side of the employee, and no intrusive, unnecessary stalking on the part of the employer. But buyer beware – it is on online world in which we live, and when you take part, there is no guarantee of privacy.

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