You vs. Cat – The new iPad app by Purina Friskies

A new iPad app has the potential to take social to a whole new level!  Now we have an iPad app offering a cross-species online game!  With You vs. Cat, you can now engage in online fun playing a form of tablet hockey with your pet!  But don’t make any big bets with Fluffy.  According to the world-wide leaderboard, the felines are trouncing the humans. With their quick reactions, probably inherent in their superior mousing DNA, they are natural goal-tenders and can easily shut you out regardless of your best stats for shots on goal.  The demo cat Buddy is building quite a star reputation and an ego to go with it.  By all reports, he has taken cat arrogance to a new level after wiping the floor with his human opponents.


What makes this so interesting to marketers is that we are talking about some really great content with  unique value to consumers while creating some great buzz for the Friskies pet food brand by Purina.  Promoting a brand by offering apps that do very little will become a thing of the past if the You vs. Cat app becomes a trend leader.


If marketing efforts just push the message over a variety of channels, the message will likely get lost in the clutter.  But create valuable or interesting content and people will use it, talk  about it, write about it, love it and post videos of it.  They will blog, post, comment and ask for new features and new equally fun or useful media.  The potential for word of mouth exposure to the brand is enormous and that’s sure to include all kinds of posts in the social media sphere. And what cat-loving social-addict is not going to love this?


Can we have some fun?  Let’s keep an eye on the various platforms together over the next few months and if your friends or colleagues post something about You vs. Cat, record it in the comments here.  Include scores if that detail is offered.  I’d be interested to know how far and how quickly the news spreads.  And I would like to see if the cats continue to win!

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